Importance of Health Awareness in the Community


Health awareness begins at home. While there are many doctors and clinics that will provide this information, it is important to teach it at home and in the community. It is very important to have health awareness in the community for the good of the people living there.


Proper Nutrition


This is something very important to focus on. With so many people including young people being overweight it is important that the community come together to provide important resources about healthy eating and physical activity. Community gardens are a great place to start healthy eating habits. The community can work together on an important goal. It can also provide healthy food to those that may not be able to afford it. This will help people better and will show the importance of developing healthy eating habits. You should make healthy meal plan for kids. 


Weight Loss Programs


Both children and adults need to stay active and engage in a healthy lifestyle. This can begin in the community. Community walks and parks will allow people to get out and get in some physical activity. The community should also support sports teams for children. This will teach them social interaction skills and will allow them to get out and get moving at the same time.


Disease Management


Aids and HIV are still a major problem. While they are troubling there are ways to prevent them. The community should have screenings for these diseases and provide information on protection and birth control without being judgmental. They should also have resources to people that are at high risk for this disease to go and find out more information about their protection options.




There are some many different areas that the community has to address when it comes to caring for children. There should be high-quality daycares and other centers. The parents should have quality care for their child that is affordable. This will help more parents especially mothers get back into the workforce. Working members will increase the revenue and the tax base for the community. There should be engaging activities for older children to be involved with. If they are kept busy with positive activities and interactions, they will not have time to commit crimes or get into drugs.


Mental Health Services


The mental health of the residents is something that is very important. There should be plenty of mental health resources that are free of affordable. Even support groups held at churches or town halls can improve the mental health and the well being of the people that live there. This will further reduce the use of drugs and delinquent behavior.


Most crimes and illness that are affecting a community are preventable. If there are vigilant watch and expectations about the behavior of the citizens, the entire community will benefit.


Education is the way to prevention. A community should have plenty of resources for the people that live them and support, so they can deal with any issues they are having. The better the health of an individual, the better the entire community will be.